Fallen Fruit - Two Destination Theatre

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Home isn't a place, it's something we make...

2019: Thirty years after the Cold War, Britain faces departure from the European Union and a turning point in history.

1989: As the Berlin Wall falls, a young girl looks to a future beyond communism, a couple's love story unravels and 80's television permeates all. A story of breaking free, breaking up and building a future.

In Fallen Fruit, multi-award winning Two Destination Language bring to life the childhood memories of Bulgarian born Katherina Radeva, in a visually rich show full of extraordinary energy, playfulness and 200 cardboard boxes.

'Charming...Radeva's stage presence holds it all together' Guardian

'A delicate show about tearing down walls and living with the past' Lyn Gardner

Image: Alex Brenner

Part of Creative Scotland's Touring Fund for Theatre and Dance