Spirit of the Narrows

Spirit of the Narrows Image

Created and written by Anne Lederman, performed by Anne and Capucine Onn, Spirit of the Narrows is a theatrical journey which helps create new relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigesnous cultures through the medium of the fiddle, an iconic symbol for all Canadians. As a young musician, Anne became fascinated with the unusual sound of Métis and First Nations fiddling in her home province of Manitoba, and in the mid 1980s, set out to learn more about it. Entering a world very different from her own, the play is a voyage of discovery for all of us —between present and past, between cultures, and between states of mind. 

Spirit of the Narrows is a story about a uniquely Canadian music and the people who created It. The music is like no other, embodying Indigenous, French, English, American and Eastern European traditions, all played on a small box with four strings.

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